Hello Friends of the Herring Sale,
Thanks to all our generous sponsors, hard-working volunteers and loyal customers for another hugely successful herring sale!

Despite tough fishing conditions and a windy, rainy sale day, our amazing crews in Steveston and Victoria sold a total of 60 tons of herring in just six hours. More donations are coming in but so far this year's sale has raised $106,598 to help kids with cancer. This big amount is only possible because industry and the community donate everything needed to put this sale on.

This brings the total raised over the past five years to more than $550,000. We are extremely fortunate to have a unique connection with some special folks at BC Children's Hospital who ensure these funds go directly to helping make the lives of kids with cancer a little bit better.

Your feedback is important so suggestions are welcome on how we can improve the herring sale next year.

Herring sale pictures:

Thanks everyone for all the amazing support!